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There are not many sports organizations in the World who are able to put up such a show. Matchroom is definitely one of them. From December 6th to December 9th, Alexandra Palace in London hosted the 30 year anniversary Mosconi Cup in an electric atmosphere.


Pinnacle of the World Nineball Tour where Aramith and Iwan Simonis are the Official Balls and Cloth suppliers, the Mosconi Cup gathers the Top 5 European players vs. the Top 5 American players. This year’s teams were impressive!

In Team Europe led for the 1st time by Ralph Eckert, the team was the same as last year with Jayson Shaw as Vice-Captain and newly Aramith/Simonis sponsored athlete, Joshua Filler, Francisco Sanchez Ruiz, David Alcaide and Albin Ouschan.

In Team USA led by Jeremy Jones, Fedor Gorst made his first appearance after having served in Team Europe in previous editions. He joined very talented players: Shane Van Boening, Skyler Woodward, Tyler Styer and Shane Wolford.

With more than 2,000 fans attending the event each day of the competition, this edition could only be a great demonstration of how popular Nineball pool has become and the enthousiasm behind these exceptional players.

However, a victory at this year’s edition for Team USA quickly appeared more complicated than anticipated against a European team who didn’t seem to be willing to concede anything. On day 1, Team Europe won the 4 matches with a first opening session clean sweep since 2013.

Team Europe won their 4th consecutive Mosconi Cup title and delivered their most accomplished performance in the Cup History by winning 11-3 against Team USA who fought relentlessly to the very last match. The German player Joshua Filler won the MVP title.

The Mosconi Cup was the last of 40 events of the World Nineball Tour organized by Matchroom this year around the globe. 2024 will be another exciting year with the opportunity to watch again all those great players playing on the now famous Simonis 860 Shark Grey cloth and with the Aramith Tournament Black ball set.

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