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Launched 15 years ago and instantly recognizable with their iconic two half circle logo®  on each numbered ball, Aramith with its Tournament sets implemented quality and performance standards which the industry had never reached before. And still today, no other billiard ball manufacturer on the market has managed to achieve such a level of excellence and consistency.

Made of the 4th generation of our phenolic resin, the Aramith Tournament sets were first launched in 2009. This new resin was formulated with a genuine breakthrough: the Duramith™ Technology. Thanks to the reticulation, cross-linking and curing processes used, this technology enables to increase by 50% the lifetime of the balls, and by 8 times compared to the polyester and phenol-like resins.

aramith balls 2024

Thanks to a through-hardened vitrified surface and core, the Aramith Tournament sets also maintain their glossy look, specifications, rebound and playing consistency throughout the years. This prevents flats and burn spots on the balls, but also minimizes the wear and white marks on the cloth which can be very frustrating when you just bought a new one.

Because of their unique characteristics, the Aramith Tournament sets quickly became the reference in virtually all amateur and professional tournaments around the world. Appreciated for the consistency of their quality and performance characteristics, they have been endorsed by the most renowned sports organizations and players for the reliability and accuracy they provide to ensure the most enjoyable playing experience.

The Aramith Tournament TV Pro-Cup are available with colours more suitable for the events broadcasted or available in streaming. The number 4 and 12 are in pink instead of a dark purple. The number 7 and 15 use a light brown colour instead of a maroon one. One thing that never changes though is the Tournament sets design with their iconic two half circle logo® on each numbered ball that makes them instantly recognizable among the other sets.

Finally, at the 2019 Matchroom’s Mosconi Cup, Aramith introduced the Aramith Tournament Black. Still made of our 4th generation of Aramith resin, these now famous billiards balls are designed with black poles and match perfectly the Shark Grey Simonis 860 cloth also used during all the Matchroom’s World Nineball Tour events.

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